About HSSA

The purpose of the Hawaii Skeet Shooting Association (HSSA) is to promote the sport of skeet shooting in Hawaii, to sanction scheduled club events for members of the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) so they may accumulate registered targets in each gauge, and to be a reliable source of information for skeet shooting enthusiasts.

New Members Welcome – The HSSA is actively recruiting skeet shooters to join our organization.  Some of the advantages of NSSA-HSSA membership are:

  • Resources for new shooters interested in: gun selection, gun fitting, instruction, reloading, and other shooting related topics of interest.
  • Classification record for state, zone and national competitions.
  • Sportsman’s insurance for shotguns.
  • Access to local Classified Ads to buy/sell shotguns and shooting accessories.  Hawaii State Law requires a current Permit to Acquire a Firearm from HPD to purchase, or receive as a gift, a shotgun from any seller.

Membership - Individual membership in HSSA is extended without charge to all Hawaii residents, including military personnel on permanent assignment in Hawaii, who are members of NSSA in good standing.

Shooters may join NSSA online.  A packet with membership card and NSSA and NSCA member numbers will be mailed within two weeks.  Then Contact Us via email at HawaiiSkeet@gmail.com to join HSSA and become actively involved in shooting NSSA registered targets.

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